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A new way to experience your favorite casino games.


As far as games go slots are certainly a classic. There are so many ways to win - and even more ways to be entertained! Each and every version of the slots game provides such a memorable and distinct experience - especially the new game center 918kiss that has taken the internet by storm!


918kiss is an online casino slot game that is becoming extremely popular in overseas markets - especially in Malaysia. As a new revamp of the fantastic SCR888 slots, 918kiss brings fantastic new features that are sure to keep you entertained! You’ll love the sunny and friendly atmosphere that the new design brings, as well as the unique factors that keep things interesting!




One of the best aspects of this online gaming center is simply the astounding number of slots games you’ll find! There are 100 different games downloaded into the application that cater to a variety of tastes. With all the choices you’re provided with, you’ll be sure to find a game you can’t resist!


Layout and Graphics


There are many fantastic aspects of the 918kiss online casino, but one of the best is simply the user-friendly layout. The color choice is very easy on the eyes and brings a warm and relaxing atmosphere to the game. The illustrations for each of the 100 slots games are also diverse and exciting to watch!




918kiss is an improvement on the SCR888 casinos - and it definitely shows. There are many improvements, but fans will tell you that the music is one of the best of these upgrades. It takes your experience to a new level while you watch the fantastic graphics spin into a fantastic payout!




Another fantastic feature of the 918kiss platform is that this game is easy to access. Simply download a link via Windows, Andriod, or IOS. Plus, the application takes up very little space despite the fact that you’ll have a sizeable selection of games to choose from!


Classics in the Making

In addition to traditional slot games that you know and love, 918kiss also has some intriguing new games that employ new concepts for you to entertain yourself with. One of these games is OCEAN KING - and it’s not hard to see why. Instead of your traditional slots set up, OCEAN KING sends you on an adventure in the middle of the sea! You’ll immerse yourself in the beautiful and vast waters of this online paradise - but don’t get too comfortable. There aren’t any slots or reels to work with - instead you’ll have to take matters into your own hands and go fishing!


Each one of the fish in the OCEAN KING game is worth a different number of points. In order to win money, you’ll have to rush to catch as many as you can! There are also other types of sea creatures that will ‘swim’ by occasionally that are worth extra points, so be sure to keep a lookout if you play this game!


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